Look for the distinctive BrimSaver™ design and shape.

Ever come across a product that just makes sense… and actually works great? Well, The ULTIMATE Hat Hanger™, designed and patented by an Oklahoma City cowboy, is one of those “best-things-since-sliced-bread” items. You can’t imagine all the places you will find to safely hang your hat. (See pictures below.)

Look for the distinctive BrimSaver™ design and shape of this hat hanger. It protects the brim of the hat.

You and your customers will love this product. It solves most all of the frustrating “hat issues.”

No more hats on the back seat waiting to get crushed, or fall off into the floor.
No more hats on the dash, where they slide off at the first turn or red light.
No more hats on hotel room lamp shades where the heat from the bulb may alter your hat’s fit.
No more cumbersome hat boxes that eat up vehicle and storage space.

Securely holds the Hat

When traveling in an RV, motorhome, fifth-wheel, or 18-wheeler, the ULTIMATE Hat Hanger™ is a “must have” item. Hat boxes are bulky, and hats are always a frustration in an area with limited space. These hangers can hang from the shower rod, the overhead cabinet handles, drawer pulls, closet rods, even the frame of the slide.

Hanging Across a Slide in an RV

Anther great spot to use this hanger is on the pole of the headrest in the car. In that application the hanger holds your hat horizontally, just behind the seat, in the dead space above and in front of the back seat. Works perfectly! Another tip: Put YOUR hat behind the seat next to you. Then just reach behind that seat to either place it in the hanger, or retrieve it before getting out of the vehicle.

Hanging from the Headrest Pole in a Car

Hanging with Chaps and Hat Together

You can hang other items from The ULTIMATE Hat Hanger™ at the same time, along with your hat. It’s great for holding ladies’ purses, and as you can see, it’s perfect for hanging chaps up and out of the way.

I could go on and on. This is quite simply the ultimate hat hanger! It was designed by cowboys for cowboys’ hats, and boy howdy, did they get it right!

To see more pictures of The ULTIMATE Hat Hanger™, click here.

Works with Straw Hats

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